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I don’t understand this

Posted on: November 23, 2006

BBC NEWS | UK | Pope warns Archbishop of ‘strain’

Does anyone know what sort of unity the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope were interested in? If it is an ecumenical one, why on earth is the Pope worried about female and homosexual priests being ordained in the Anglican community? I did not know that it was such a concern that he would do a press release about it. If that is the case why isn’t the Archbishop worried about the Catholic church with its sex scandals and *sexist practices? In any case, surely the Pope knows that the Archbishop’s position in the Anglican community is essentially symbolic for most of the provinces except the UK? The North American and Caribbean provinces have been ordaining women for about a decade if not more.

The pope comes off as bumptious. He could at least have tried to be more publicly supportive of the Archbishop of Canterbury during this turbulent time in his community, rather than expressing disappointment as if he were some wayward Roman Catholic priest about to be threatened with ex-communication.

*Catholics can provide endless examples of Roman Catholic women, in their proper, assigned, allowed positions doing great works until they are blue in the face, women are still prevented from entering the full hierarchy of the Church because Jesus didn’t make sure one of his disciples had boobs.


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